Judith Cathey


SVMOW’s Client Advocate Judith Cathey visits every new meal client at home to assess their needs. She offers assistance and referrals to those suffering from dementia, depression, poor health, financial issues and other difficulties. Here is an excerpt from one of her status reports to give you an inside look at the challenges facing our clients.

SVMOW has placed 160 new participants on home-delivered meals during the last four months.

  • Most of these new clients’ incomes have been cut by the State of California. Many have also faced cuts in the number of hours that In-home Supportive Services is able to provide. This creates a real hardship on those who live alone and have incapacitating illnesses.


  • We visited Mr. S who had surgery for liver cancer. He is awaiting Medi-Cal drug coverage and unable to afford the medications he needs now. We referred him to a clinic that will fill his prescriptions and send them by mail.


  • Mrs. E is oxygen dependent, diabetic and receives dialysis treatment three times per week. She is very frail and needs transportation for her other medical appointments. We referred her to door-to-door transportation and case management services.