Letter from SAM


“If the only prayer you say in your whole life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” – Meister Eckert

Sometimes I want to tell someone how much I appreciate what they have done—for me, for Meals on Wheels, for friends and family…or just because! I search for a “fancy” word or a different way to express my feelings. No matter how much I search the dictionary, books or famous quotations, I always end up with these two simple words: thank you! They just seem to express my sincerity and my honest, deep down gratitude.

We celebrated 35 years of loving service to our homebound clients on July 7. For this milestone, I repeat again, as I do hundreds of times a day to the Good Lord, thank you! This program was His idea and it has continued to evolve through His inspiration and blessings. You and I are the instruments He has chosen to continue this life-saving work year after year.

To feed others who are unable to provide for themselves due to age or illness, and to give them quality nutrition and a daily visit to assure they are OK, is a privilege and a blessing.

Don’t forget how valuable your role is in this special service; we could not even begin to do what we do without your continued contributions. You are blessed because you care and are concerned for others in need.

What else can I say to express the feelings of all our clients who wait each day for that knock on the door by their meal delivery person? They tell me they can relax now that they are assured of one nutritious meal a day, seven days a week. Instead of being concerned about getting enough food, they are wondering what delicious surprises their meal will bring.

They look forward to their birthday because they know we’ll help celebrate it with them. They enjoy special holiday meals with a hug from their volunteer. Their loneliness is eased because they belong to our Meals on Wheels family.

You share in this, every day, for 1,800 clients. Trust me, you a vital and significant part of all we do. I say this special prayer every day for you and your family: thank you!

Peace, prayers and love,

Sister Alice Marie Quinn, D.C.