Paul, 85, uses a wheelchair and lives alone.


Daily Meals, and a Little Extra Help, Provide a Lifeline for this WWII Vet

Paul, who is 85, was born in Kansas and grew up in Oklahoma. He served inthe Army for four years during WWII in the Philippines, and after the war ended, in Japan, where his assignments included
guarding international prisoners of war.

But Paul was also a talented musician. So he returned to the U.S. where he started a family and became a baritone sax player for rhythm and blues bands. In 1952, Paul brought his first wife and their three children to L.A. to be part of the burgeoning music scene.

Years later, he met Eula, the love of his life, and they were married for 33 years before she passed away in 2011. When they were younger, Eula worked at a community senior center, and Paul helped deliver meals to seniors. He also provided home health care services.

Today, Paul suffers from debilitating arthritis that leaves him confined to a wheelchair; his hands are so stiff and sore he has trouble with the tasks of daily living. But since Eula died last year, he has lived alone in his South Central L.A. home. One son has passed away, another son is out of touch and his daughter lives out of state.

The only help he receives is from a nephew who comes every Sunday to help Paul bathe and dress and take him to church. And for his daily meal, Paul relies on St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.

“These meals are such a blessing to me,” Paul said with a smile. “I just need one meal
a day, if it’s a good healthy one, and these are. I’m a vegetarian and they surprise me with all the great dishes they come up with.

“My situation is desperate enough without worrying about food,” he said “I can’t afford to buy it and I can’t stand up to cook it.”

When our Client Advocate Judith Cathey found out about Paul’s situation, she helped him apply for Veteran’s benefits that will provide him with in-home care. He should soon get the extra help he needs.

“Judith is my angel,” Paul said, his eyes shining. “I just needed someone to look over me.”

They say “what goes around comes around,” and Paul is living proof. The man who once delivered meals to seniors now receives them himself. And the Veteran who served our country overseas will now get some help at home in return.