Pet Food Program


Homebound seniors love their pets. So much, in fact, that they share their daily meals with their beloved companions leaving both the senior and their pet undernourished. We recognize the concern our clients have for the furry family members, so we began the Pet Food Program to insure both our clients and their pets receive nourishing meals daily.

The St. Vincent Meals on Wheels for Pets Program needs your help to continue, and hopefully expand, our services so that our clients and their loving pets, can flourish even in difficult circumstances.

Most of our clients are too frail or ill to buy or prepare simple meals. Many struggle to live on small fixed incomes that fall below the poverty level. Good nutrition and daily home visits improve the health and dignity of our clients, but often there is an even greater contributor to those basics and that is a client’s pet. Often a sole companion, these pets are a tremendous source of friendship and love.

Throughout the month of February, we are asking for your support to help feed these wonderful pets. Consider making a donation to the Pet Food Program by clicking the ‘Donation’ button below.

If you and a group would like to help raise funds for the Pet Food Program, click the ‘Organize a Team’ button below. This is a great way to get kids and school groups involved in volunteering and raising awareness to the needs of our community’s homebound.


Thank you for your support!